In this section of the portal you can find everything about the Automatic Identification System (AIS): what it is, how it works, what advantages it offers.
We provide answers to 12 frequently asked questions.


  We also lead you through the support programmes that exist for the acquisition and installation of AIS on board.
Here you can also find experiences of some inland shipping entrepreneurs, and a list of certified AIS devices and approved installers.

AIS stands for Automatic Identification System. It is an identification system that automatically transmits information about the name, position, speed and course of a ship.

If your ship is equipped with AIS, data is automatically sent to shore-based installations called AIS base stations.Through AIS you can even automatically exchange data with other vessels in the vicinity AIS has been in use for a long time in maritime shipping. To better respond to the specific needs of inland shipping, an Inland AIS has been developed.

AIS supports and facilitates navigation and increases safety. Thanks to AIS, the infrastructure can be put to better use, traffic stations can be operated more efficiently and shippers and terminals can improve their logistics planning. In this way, AIS strengthens the competitive position of inland navigation.



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