Abbreviations & Terms

AIGPRS Automatic identification general packet radio service
AIS Automatic Identification System of Automatisch Identificatie Systeem
AIS-ontvangststation (base station) on-shore station that receives the AIS messages sent by the vessels
BICS Binnenvaart informatie en communicatie systeem (electronic reporting system)
CAS Calamity abatement support
CCNR Central Commission for the Navigation on the Rhine
CCR Centrale Commissie voor de Rijnvaart
DC Donaucommissie
DGPS Differential global positioning system
EC Europese Commissie
Ecdis/ Inland Ecdis Ecdis chart display and information system. This system is used in navigation to look at electronic nautical charts (ENC). Inland Ecdis is the chart display and information system for inland electronic nautical charts (Inland ENC's)
ECE Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations
EDI Electronic data interchange
EDIFACT Electronic data interchange for administration, commerce and transport (UN/ECE Standard)
ENC/IENC Electronic Navigation Chart. An electronic chart for navigation.
The version for inland navigation is called the Inland ENC of IENC
ETA Estimated time of arrival
ETD Estimated time of departure
ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute
FI Fairway information
FIS Fairway information service
GPS Global Positioning System
GSM Global system for mobile communication
HS Code Harmonised commodity description and coding system of WCO
IALA International Organisation of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
IEHG Inland ENC Harmonization Group. Establishes the Inland Ecdis standard which is then ratified by the competent authorities
IHO International Hydrographic Organisation
IMDG Code International maritime dangerous goods code
IMO International Maritime Organisation
Inland AIS AIS system that has been especially developed for inland navigation. Inland Ecdis  application – An autonomous appliance or a software programme that is used to present Inland ENCs
ISO International Standardisation Organisation
IT Information technology
ITU International Telecommunication Union
LAN Local area network
LBM Lock and bridge management
MMSI-nummer Maritime Mobile Service Identity number, a unique nine-figure number that identifies the AIS appliance (and therefore indirectly the vessel as well)
OFS Official ship number
PTM Port and terminal management
Radar overlay Navigation application whereby the radar image is, as it were, laid on top of a navigation chart so that two images (of the radar and electronic chart) can be displayed on one screen
RIS River Information Services
RTA Required time of arrival
SAR Search and rescue
SIGNI Signs and signals on inland waterways, edited by UN/ECE
SMS Short message service
STI Strategic traffic information (image)
TCP/IP Transmission control protocol / Internet protocol
Transponder Electronic appliance with an in-built GPS that automatically sends and receives messages. The ‘little box’ that you need for AIS is called an AIS transponder
TI Traffic information
TTI Tactical traffic information (image)
UN/ECE Economische Commissie voor Europa van de Verenigde Naties
VHF Very high frequency
VTC Vessel traffic centre
VTMIS Vessel traffic management and information services (maritime navigation)
VTS Vessel traffic services
WCO World Customs Organisation
WI-FI Wireless fidelity


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