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This section of the portal lists all useful information on ECDIS. What systems exist, what are the benefits, what does the future hold and where can you find the new electronic navigational charts? You’ll find it all here.

Through these links you can download all the free charts available.


How do I use these free Inland ECDIS charts?

To use the free ECDIS charts you need a ‘viewer’. You can download such an ENC viewer from the company SevenCs. This viewer is a software programme that displays the charts and all information contained within them, without any of the additional tools that commercial navigation software offers.

You can find the viewer on the download pages of SevenCs:


Cick on either ‘open’ to automatically start the installation process after the download, or ‘save’, after which you can start the installation procedure from the folder/directory where you saved the zip file.
In the folder where the application is installed you will also find a users guide in pdf format.


Other free ENC viewers:





All charts are displayed in a geographic grid. Thus it may take a long time before all data has been loaded. It is therefore best to store the charts in separate folders by country or even by region so you can open different charts separately. For example you could create a folder ‘charts’ with several subfolders.

If you open the load button of the viewer (top left : ) via ‘settings’ you can define at which location or in which folder the application will search for charts. In this way you can store all charts and updates together in a highly organised manner.


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