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Official charts of the main waterways are now available in Flanders. Many authorities across Europe have also already published charts. The overview below indicates which charts are available and how can you obtain them.


The chart below provides an overview of all navigable waterways that have now been officially mapped out.



Many official charts are now also available in the rest of Europe. A situation (as at May 2010), in each case indicating the website from which the charts can be downloaded.

Eventually all European charts are to be centralised on one website, but at the moment this is not the case.

Country Class Cover Published Free?
Austria Va + complete yes yes
Bulgaria Va + complete scheduled yes
Switzerland Va + complete yes yes
Czech Republic IV complete yes yes
Germany Va + 2300/4000 rkm yes no
France Va + partial no yes
Croatia IV + complete yes yes
Hungary Va + complete yes yes
Luxembourg Va + partial yes no
Netherlands IV + complete yes yes
Poland Va + no no not yet decided
Romania Va + complete yes yes
Serbia Va + complete yes yes
Slovakia Va + complete under discussion yes
Ukraine Va + complete yes no

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