RIS Vlaanderen River Information Services (RIS) are modern traffic management systems enhancing a swift electronic data transfer between water and shore through in-advance and real-time exchange of information.
An EU framework directive provides minimum requirements to enable crossborder compatibility of national systems.

The technical work towards European standardization is performed by RIS Expert Groups. They are international technical platfoms ensuring the harmonized development of standards in Europe.

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new IENC's available


Estuaire Vaart Middelkerke-Oostende

Oostende Haven

Oostende Achterhaven met Plassendalekanaal

Kanaal Dessel-Turnhout-Schoten


Opmerking: de IENC BE7PK001 Oostende Plassendalekanaal will begecanceld and replaced by “BE8PK001 editie 01 - Oostende Achterhaven met Plassendalekanaal

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Report on the use of ICT in inland navigation.


With support of the EC a survey on the use of ICT on board of inland ships was organised.

Dowload the report on the evolution of the use of ICT on board between 2005 and 2015.

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Welcome at RIS Flanders

This portal gives access to the various RIS services that are currently available in Flanders.

You can also find general information about RIS, the political and regulatory framework, and the technical specifications.

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New IENC's for Flanders available

2 New editions (edition 5) of the Inland ENC “Beneden Zeeschelde” are available:

Beneden Zeeschelde van BE-NL grens tot Antwerpen Rede
Van Antwerpen Rede tot en met Wintamsluis

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New IENC's for Flanders available

The first edition of the Inland ENC "Estuaire Vaart van Oostende tot Zeebrugge" and "Estuaire Vaart van de Franse Grens tot Oostende" are available.

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New IENC's for Flanders available

Edition 07 of iENC "Estuaire Vaart van Zeebrugge -inclusief haven- tot aan de Nederlandse Grens" (ed. 06) and"Zeebrugge Achterhaven -inclusief het Boudewijnkanaal- tot en met haven Brugge" (ed. 04) are available.

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New IENC's for Flanders available

Edition 07 of iENC “Kanaal Gent Terneuzen”  is available.

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